About 3-4 weeks prior to the Safari, I sat down and put out to the wild animals in Africa (parks where we would be going) that I would be open to connecting before I arrived. Lo and behold, a female elephant came through and said she wanted to communicate with me.  I was beside myself with joy and this is what I got from her.  She showed me that she had a broken left tusk, was 19 years of age and loves having babies, which is the joy of her life.carol-communicating-before-safari

I found it fascinating that I had just been dealing with some past issues all related to my “left side.” That means issues related to my female side.  She showed me that she would be available to me should I ever need her in any way.  If I were feeling unsafe, imbalanced, I could call upon her and she showed me scooping me up and then rocking me with great love and support.  I felt it immediately such a great sense of love and safety that at times I never felt from my own mother.  So essentially she would be helping me heal with any of my “broken parts.”

She also shared her name with me: Isau.  What I came to find out from Gennifer later on was that it means “welcome bushman.”  I was so taken back by this and felt so honored that she was willing to talk with me.  She was so grounded, so aware of every aspect of her environment, very direct, and had the ability to know when she needed to stop or move depending on what was going on around her…..so her skills to protect were so apparent.

I wanted to know if her broken tusk was a hindrance for her. She said “absolutely not.”  What came next amazed me.  She said that if for some reason she needed the left tusk, she simply elongated it to be the same length of her right tusk and she did this energetically.

I asked her if I would meet her while I was in Africa and she said “yes we would meet.” So I could see how healing this trip was going to be for me…..and all of this happening before I even left California.