DAY FOUR – 20 October

ostrichNice drive with good variety of flora, to mating rituals played out with ostrich, competing eagles zebra-in-distance(Batalure vs Tawny), Baobabs trees, orchids growing wild in the loving branches of the grand succulents, playful mongoose, cheeky monkeys, a zebra sighting that turned into a spectacle when the trail of the stripped “equines” didn’t stop looking off as far as we could see, a wriggling line of them. Down in “paradise valley” the migration continued to a backdrop of gorgeous elephants, lush grasses and trees, eagles, monkeys, Impala and such.  They all were keen to move onward toward the Tarangire River.  Back up on the hill we overlooked the river where migration was in full force.  Hundreds (rather than thousands) of wildebeest,

Tawny eagle

Tawny eagleeagle

baobab-treezebra, a few elephants (unique to this) and others were all running for the waters to drink in a sort of frenzy (aside from the casual elephants).


cape-buffaloIn the meantime, about 100 Cape buffalo were encroaching on the river below the lodge sharing space with a small family of elephants, giraffes and a few local zebra.  A variety of birds like only Africa can offer up soared overhead and in the trees, the “go away” touraco bird was nearby telling others to “gway, gway”.  A Pearled owl blended perfectly with a baobab by our tent and fervent monkeys galloped with babies attached at the stomach through camp looking for any opportunity to snatch a treat or two.tarangire-lodgebaboons-by-river

At this camp, I finally was able to do some teaching. I wanted people to be able to “feel” more of what the animals feel so I did an exercise by having them scan my body and see what physical sensations they could experience.  The exercise was very successful for them.  I then had them talk to each other’s animals to find out what the animal would advise for their person on this Safari.  It felt great for them to finally connect heart to heart in a direct way with the animals and now they could look forward to talking and connecting with the wild animals.